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Cold calling has only a 1-3% success rate, which means it takes a lot of time, and it's inefficient. However, a sales team's conversion rate isn't that low. Insurance companies can achieve a sales success rate of 10-15% if they work with a partner organization that can handle live transfers. Want to know how this is possible? In live transfers, the sales team can focus solely on making the sale and not on anything else.


A live transfer for an insurance company might look like this:

1. Potential customers start their journey searching for an insurance company online, where they find answers to their questions, compare companies and agents, and examine different policies. 

2. In order to compare quotes from different agents and companies, the customer narrows down their search and submits their information online.

3. The partner organization calls the customer to verify their information, and screens their level of interest. If they are interested enough, more information can be provided immediately.

As soon as the lead is considered "hot" enough, it is transferred to a sales representative. 

By gauging prospects' interest levels, discovering which products and services they are most interested in, and determining if they are "hot" enough leads to pass along to sales, this lead qualification process helps screen prospects. 


Don't miss out on this deal

If the sales team only follows up on leads while they are still warm, they often have gone "cold" by the time they are reached. If the sales team only follows up on leads, one of the challenges is keeping up with them. They have changed their mind, chosen another prospect, or no longer wish to talk. 

Live transfer leads allow you to transfer prospects to your sales team while they are still hot, so you won't miss out on any sales.

Sales team interest and contact guaranteed

In contrast to pursuing prospects by phone or email, sending prospects who are ready to speak with the sales team guarantees the sales team will have someone to speak with on the other end of the line. 

Increases sales by freeing up time

Sales teams no longer have to filter through leads who don't qualify or contact each individual lead, and they can just focus on closing deals. 

A higher level of business

You could benefit from partnering with a highly skilled call center that can provide Life Insurance Live Transfers leads, especially since these leads close at such a high rate (10-15%). 


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