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Approximately 30 percent of new insurance agents go out of business within one year, and 55 percent of them make less than $40,000 per year, according to Insurance Journal. Why is this? Many are simply unable to convert customers.

Here are three ways your insurance company can increase insurance leads:

1. Direct marketing.
Since the beginning, insurance companies, carriers, and agents have been marketing directly. Direct mail campaigns, bus bench advertisements, newspaper ads, and of course cold calling are direct marketing methods that are effective for generating leads. Time-consuming, but these approaches build a loyal customer base over time.

2. Social networking.
Don't underestimate the power of social media and networking. Maintaining a strong online presence via groups, platforms, and networks can be an effective marketing resource.

3. Pre-qualified leads.
We provide pre-qualified leads to insurance agents, allowing them to target this consumer audience. Using these services streamlines the process of obtaining valuable information regarding insurance shoppers shopping online, and they have proven to increase closing rates.

Integrating tried-and-true methods and optimizing your online presence are the best ways to increase insurance leads. You can save valuable time spent knocking on doors by acquiring pre-qualified leads, and you can attract the right audience through creative promotions and campaigns.


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