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It's stressful to start and run a business, especially if you're trying to maintain cash flow. Countless companies could benefit from a loan alternative, and our goal is to connect those businesses with people like you. Many business owners are too busy to answer phone calls – your reps could spend most of their day trying to contact a decision maker. Instead of chasing cold trails day in and day out, we want to help your sales team convert pre-qualified live transfers. 

Merchant Cash Advance Leads are pre-qualified to ensure these businesses are ready to move forward before you even speak with them, meaning your conversion rates won't suffer. 

Build relationships with pre-qualified leads by focusing more on Merchant Cash Advance buyers.

Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfers Save Time

It takes zero time for your sales team to chase leads and sift through lousy quality, uninterested businesses. We deliver pre-qualified prospects right to your phone. When they reach you, the owner or decision maker is ready to speak and close to converting.

We Pre-Qualify With Filters That Make Sense

We use certain parameters to pre-qualify leads. Need custom filtering? We can do that, too - it's totally up to you and your business. There are several qualifications that we can use when filtering Merchant Cash Advance Leads, including credit scores, a minimum monthly income, and how long a company has been in business.

Our Merchant Cash Advance Leads are Higher Quality

Our leads are exclusive and of better quality than anything else on the market. Our agents use specific filters to ensure only the best leads reach your sales team - if we have sent them, they are prepared to talk and closer to convert.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Ques : MCA live transfer: what does it mean?

Ans : Live transfers of MCA leads are leads that you can buy for the MCA industry. They are not aged leads and don't come in spreadsheets. MCA Live Transfers, on the other hand, are usually sent one at a time, while aged MCA leads come in a CSV file that can be uploaded to a dialer or marketing campaign.

Ques : How does a merchant cash advance work?

Ans : A merchant cash advance is a type of business financing that can be repaid as long as your business is making sales. Small businesses that accept card payments are best suited to this type of funding.

Ques : In what ways does merchant cash advance have disadvantages?

Ans : A merchant cash advance's major drawback is its high cost in comparison to other options. Typically, you will pay between 9% and 50% more than you invested over a short period of time.

Ques :How much money do players get from transfers?

Ans : A professional player does not receive a percentage of a transfer fee since the sum is sent to the selling club. Players may receive a signing-on fee if both clubs agree to it.



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