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The number of seniors on the census rolls is on the rise as our population ages. Understanding the specific insurance needs of this demographic can also lead to other potential policy sales opportunities, as the 65 and over the market has a track record of being some of the best insurance leads. Our older population will number over 72 million by 2030, representing almost 20% of the population, according to government census projections. In light of these statistics, agents have a great opportunity to generate sales leads from this demographic.

Know more about Final Expense Live Transfers

A person's risk management requirements are met by having auto, health, home, and life insurance. Most people find it difficult to discuss their life insurance needs. Adding a funeral expenses discussion into the mix makes it even more uncomfortable, as many agents know well. Insurance Leads provides final expense sales leads that allow insurance agents to connect with individuals who are interested in reviewing their final expense live transfers needs with an agent.

What are the benefits of insurance leads?

We provide agents with the high intent insurance prospects they need to grow their agencies and increase sales. Through their interactive, educational websites, they attract final expense insurance shoppers on the lookout for trusted insurance information, so they can learn more from an actual insurance agent. We provide accurate information on a variety of insurance products to prospective customers. Insurance Leads provides insurance sales professionals with high-quality final expense sales leads because their sites provide shoppers with high-quality information.


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