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If you could connect with insurance consumers where their interests are greatest, wouldn't that benefit your business? 

Consumers have an attention span of around eight seconds when they are trying to buy something. As an agent, you don't have much time to get on the phone with the prospect, much less get a positive response.

Using life insurance live transfers leads can provide you with high-intent prospects when they are most likely to purchase insurance.

What Are Live Transfer Leads?
Live transfer leads are real-time leads. Lead service providers connect with insurance leads over the phone and screen them to ensure they are interested in the insurance products you offer. If the prospect's interest is confirmed, the lead provider routes the call directly to you with the approval of the customer.

Due to the fact that these customers are actively looking for insurance, live call leads are more valuable than other types of leads. As well, with other types of insurance leads, the customer's interest may already have waned, so they aren't interested in buying insurance any longer. 

What is the difference between real-time leads and aged leads?

The live call transfer leads are already on the phone waiting to speak with you about buying insurance, unlike other types of leads. They have already verified their interest in buying insurance, unlike other types of leads. You can better understand how live call transfer leads can help your agency grow by understanding the differences between real-time leads and aged leads.

Real-time leads
Prospects who fill out a questionnaire or fill out a form expressing an interest in buying insurance receive real-time leads within minutes. The difference between real-time and live transfer leads is that real-time leads are not prescreened for suitability to your insurance products, whereas live transfer leads are qualified as good candidates. Additionally, your call will come directly from them, rather than you having to contact them. ‍

Aged leads
are ones that are one to three months old. By the time you contact an aged lead, other agents may have already pursued it. Leads transferred live to ensure that the lead is fresh and has a verified interest in purchasing insurance.


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