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Liveleads Final Expense telesales will equip you with the technology, training, and high ROI leads to break out immediately.

It's our mission to improve your professional and personal life so profoundly that you'll never consider doing business any other way.

To To prove that DigitalBGA is different from other agencies, here are some resources you probably don't have that final expense telesales agents leverage for better profits:

  • We offer exclusive Final Expense Live Transfers telesales products and processes.
  • We are giving away free AD&D policies in exchange for referrals. It is a 100% online process that does not require email.
  • Over $940 can be added to the average annual premium with this script.
  • Calls in for TV commercials. TV commercials for Final Expense are produced and run by us.
  • Using real-time technology to verify routing and account numbers AND the probability of funds being available in your free CRM.
  • A conservation team will call on your behalf to resolve any NSFs and billing issues.

With those resources alone, we improve your business right away. We haven't even mentioned our free sales automation technology yet.

Besides paying for your leads, there are NO costs associated with working with us.

Someone said leads, didn't they? Let's talk about our different lead options since that's the most common question we get.

Expense leads for Final Expense Live Transfers

Every lead generated by the liveleads is generated internally. Third-party lead vendors are incentivized to generate the lowest quality leads to maximise their profits. It is usually a recipe for failure to buy leads from third parties.

We can see the contact and sales data for every lead we generate. Our agent partners have seen incredible returns because we scale the winners and cut the losers daily.


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