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In some cases, debt relief can ease the burden of overwhelming debt, but it may not be right for everyone. Explore these options.

Have trouble getting ahead on your debt despite your best efforts? Your debt might be overwhelming if that's the case.

Consider debt relief options if you want to escape this financial burden. So that you can get back on your feet more quickly, these tools can help you modify the terms or amount of your debt.

It's important to understand the consequences of debt-relief programs before going down that route.

You may be able to get debt relief by declaring bankruptcy, changing your interest rate or payment schedule to lower your payments, or persuading creditors to accept less than the full amount due.

The right time to seek debt relief

If either of these conditions applies, consider bankruptcy, debt management live transfers:

If you take extreme measures to cut spending, you will not be able to repay unsecured debt (credit cards, medical bills, personal loans) within five years.

The total amount of unpaid unsecured debt you owe exceeds half your gross income.

You may be able to repay your unsecured debt within five years if you make a do-it-yourself plan. In addition to debt consolidation, creditors may be contacted and budgets may be tightened.


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