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When seniors are able to compare options before they turn 65, you can build a huge base of Medicare clients. By educating T65 Medicare beneficiaries about their Medicare options before they enroll, proactive insurance agents can cement their status as Medicare experts.

Replace Medigap plans for seniors who are already on Medicare and are tired of competing on price? Leads from T65 will allow you to establish yourself as a specialist, rather than a salesman - earning you lifelong clients, commissions, and referrals.

Agents who work with T65 clients are also able to explain that Medicare does not cover long-term care, but a long-term care insurance policy does. When you cross-sell these T65 leads with long term care leads, your commissions may double.

During the hours of 8:30am-5:30pm Central, expect a Minimum of 6 live T65 transfers (daily amount depends on the qualifications you choose for your campaign) if you order, login to your computer, and use a simple internet browser to order. 

You will be personally introduced to your potential new client when our Telemarketing team calls you via the delivery system you are logged into, then they will release the call to you, It really is that simple. You can buy t65 leads from us.


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