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There are many types of life insurance policies available, each with a different benefit amount, feature, and cost. A final expense insurance plan may appeal to consumers who don't need higher benefits - and the higher premiums that come with them. It's important to plan for final expenses, and insurance is one way of doing that. An average North American traditional funeral can cost between $7,000 and $10,000.

Seizing Opportunity in the Final Expense Market
Based on information from the Life Insurers Council, Think Advisor estimates that final expensive life insurance premiums increased by 9% between 2019 and 2020.

More people are now willing to purchase life insurance, including final expense policies. Selling final expense insurance requires good timing, however. Your time will be wasted chasing ineffective leads if you approach a consumer before they're ready to buy. However, if you wait too long, your competition will gain an advantage. You must target consumers exactly at the right time.

Are you getting the right live transfer leads for final expenses?

In your final expense live transfers insurance sales campaign, live transfer leads can be a great strategy. You need to work with a live transfers leads provider that can provide the following:

Leads that are 100% exclusive
at 100% conversion rate
Prospects ready to buy Leads that are 100% exclusive at 100% conversion rate
Scalability to help grow your business
Compliant with all regulatory requirements
Which leads are the best for final expense live transfers? Do not compromise on quality. Let help you succeed.


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