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We The company specializes in generating high quality, low cost, exclusive, double verified Credit Repair leads, Credit Repair live transfers, Credit Repair live transfers, Credit Repair live leads, Credit Repair appointment setting leads, Credit Repair call verified leads, Credit Repair real-time posting leads, and Credit Repair batch leads.

Through live transfer leads, appointment setting leads, call verified leads, real time leads, live leads and batch leads, we provide one complete solution to all your lead needs. Your one-stop shop for complete outbound sales and telemarketing, back-end solutions, polite and effective customer service, software and technical support, and all other promotion needs.

Dedicated to closing your credit repair leads

100% Exclusive Credit Repair Leads with Live Transfers

You can trust us to provide you with the highest quality, warm leads to increase your conversion rate. If you value quality, warm leads over cold leads that require a lot of follow-up, we are the perfect partner for you.

Creating quality credit repair leads

Our credit repair live transfers leads are generated by a large volume of outbound telemarketing calls placed by our experienced agents on a daily basis. In our U.S. based call center, we utilize fully customized scripting to target and capture customers who match your exact criteria with our 100 American, English-speaking outbound marketing experts.

Criteria / Parameters for the Lead

  1. There must be a score below 600 on your credit report.
  2. Under the age of 65.
  3. You must be aware that this service is fee-based.
  4. A valid checking account or debit or credit card is required as a form of payment.
  5. A negative item on a credit report or any items in collection or creditor harassment or difficulty getting a loan (or card).
  6. Unemployment benefits are not eligible. You must either be employed or self-employed.
  7. Having time and being willing to listen to the offer of the credit repair live transfers specialist is necessary.

We also offer health insurance live transfers, MCA live transfers, and VA mortgage live transfers. Please contact us if you have any questions


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