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Medicare supplement policies are difficult to find because they are targeted at such a specific group of people. A typical insurance agent spends more than half of their workday looking for new clients. Nowadays, there is so much pressure on agents to market their businesses in a variety of different ways, that it would be nearly impossible to sell just one Medicare supplement leads or two policies to make some money.

We recommend you become a Live Transfers customer today if you are having difficulty finding qualified Medicare supplement leads. Our company generates leads like no other. Within minutes of setting up your account, qualified leads can be flowing into your company.

Live Transfers uses social media and lead generation websites to send out marketing messages exclusively to people looking to buy Medicare supplement policies right now. A specialized agent works to pre-qualify the customer based on your specific guidelines after the customer calls the Live Transfers to the call center. The client is transferred to your company by phone once they have been pre-qualified as a good customer. By doing so, you will be able to sell a Medicare supplement policy at the exact moment a client is ready to purchase one.

A new lead is priceless for a Medicare supplement sales agent. The entire lead generation process at The Live Lead is designed to result in a successful sale. Our entire lead generation process is designed with the end sale in mind.


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