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MCA Live Transfers

MCA Live Transfers should be purchased with several factors in mind. First of all, which MCA Live Transfer companies should you consider using? You can buy MCA Live Transfers from a number of websites. What makes a successful live transfer company? In the same vein, what makes a bad MCA Live Transfer company? This article examines what a live transfer is and what to look for in a good MCA live transfer company.

How Do MCA Live Transfers Work?

Leads for the MCA industry can be purchased as MCA Live Transfers. There is no age to these leads, and they are not in a spreadsheet. Leads from aged MCAs, for example, come in a CSV file that you can upload to a dialer or marketing campaign. A MCA Live Transfer, on the other hand, is usually sent one at a time. This article examines MCA Live Transfers and the companies that provide them. Additionally, we aim to make it easier for you to identify bad lead vendors and avoid losing money on bad leads. 

Live transfers can be broken down into three steps.

Prospecting for MCA Live Transfers - Step 1

Prospecting for interested borrowers is the first step. There will be some form of marketing in place by the lead company. There may be a ringless voicemail option. Ringless voicemail is not used by Synergy due to the TCPA regulations. Email marketing may be done by the lead company. It is possible that they will do a text message campaign. These are things most lead companies do not do. The majority of them just cold call. In order to generate leads, Synergy uses email marketing, text messaging, and internet marketing.

Step #2 - Qualifying for MCA Live Transfers

Lead companies use different minimum qualifications for live transfers. The following are the methods we use at Synergy:

  • Identify yourself
  • Telephone number
  • Number of a cell phone
  • The fax number
  • An e-mail address
  • Amount requested?
  • Why do they need the funds?
  • Where are they located?
  • In what industry do they work?
  • What is the number of loans now?
  • What is the balance on your loans?
  • When did you start your business? 
  • At least $15,000 per month?
  • Can they process credit cards?
  • What is your credit score? (Must be at least 500)
  • Is there any collateral?

The Transfer Process - MCA Live Transfers - Step #3

The lead companies may differ depending on their technology and scripting when the lead is transferred. Synergy connects the live call first. While talking with the borrower, our agent would have already answered the qualifying questions. When our agent connects you to the live transfer, the agent sends you the form with the borrower's answers.

Save time with MCA Live Transfers 

Quality MCA live transfers can save your sales reps time. It takes a lot of time to make cold calls. Cold calling business-to-business data is a challenging strategy. To make it work, you need training, scalable systems, and effort. You can automatically reduce the number of dials required to get a sale by giving your sales people live transfers.

Your sales people won't have to work as hard to get documents back with MCA live transfers. Funding is of interest to these borrowers. If not, they wouldn't have stayed on the phone answering qualifying questions and then holding for your sales representative.

Predictable growth for MCA Live Transfers 

We often hear how challenging it is to grow in the MCA industry. It's due to finding good leads, most companies say. Your company's growth depends on leads. By using MCA Live Transfers, that growth can be more predictable and easier to manage.

Can a sales representative generate leads if they cold call for six hours per day? What is the maximum number of live transfers a sales representative can handle in six hours? Which is more predictable in your opinion? What is the most sustainable option? Last but not least, which will help your company grow faster?

Many of our clients take a mix of different leads from us. Live transfers will be used as a reward system by these owners. Closers who close more deals or get more submissions get the best leads. Every day, the entire sales team calls on aged leads for a few hours. Appointment leads may also be sprinkled in. The most affordable MCA lead provider in the industry today understands the importance of cost.

How Do MCA Live Transfer Returns Work?

You can return leads that have any of the following problems:

  • I am no longer interested
  • Funded and no longer needed
  • Currently in bankruptcy
  • Monthly income less than $15,000
  • The phone number has been disconnected
  • Contact name not matching phone #
  • FICO score under 500
  • In business for fewer than six months
  • The borrower defaulted on another advance


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