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The Insurance Live Transfer Leads we offer are the best choice for agents looking for warm call transfers, also known as live transfers. We offer agents a wide range of lead types, whether they are B2B or B2C. We match your current needs and apply relevant filters to our campaigns. By focusing on your business, we provide you with the best pre qualified leads who are ready to get a quote, lowering your cost per lead and ensuring 100% contact rates.

Life Insurance Live Transfers Leads are customised to match your unique needs, so you get results that are all yours. It's a partnership - your success is our success.

By connecting you directly to qualified leads, Iconic Results puts you ahead of competitors.

Leads from insurance companies call you

Upon receiving pre-qualified leads, the telemarketer transfers them to the agent in real time - if the agent cannot answer, the telemarketer assures the agent that he will call back shortly, and the lead is delivered instantly via email.

Transfer scripts for live transfers

For real-time Medicare Supplement leads, click HERE, or for Final Expense leads, click HERE. We use scripts to qualify each lead's health and interest before transferring to agents.

Process of pre-qualification

In the insurance industry, cancer, stroke, and heart attack are the three major health conditions most often declined by underwriters - so we pre-qualify live transfer leads by screening for these critical illnesses.

How does a live transfer work?

The process of live transfer involves handing off a live call between a lead and a call centre rep to a call buyer who will take over the call to speak with the lead. Typically the call center rep either receives an inbound call or places an outbound call.

Is there a safe way to transfer data?

It is best to transfer money through a reputable, regulated money transfer company or your bank account. Companies that specialise in international payments, with strong security measures, can help protect both parties


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