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How do live insurance calls and warm transfers work?

Inbound calls to insurance brokers, both exclusive and independent, are known as live insurance calls or warm transfers. Typically, the person on the phone requesting an insurance quote is an insurance shopper. People who shop for insurance are qualified as insurance shoppers. Those shopping for insurance have spoken to someone or answered questions in person prior to being referred to an insurance agent.

7 Reasons:

1. Callers looking for insurance quotes on the phone are considered live insurance calls. A potential insurance customer has expressed interest in speaking with an agent. For an insurance agent, all he or she has to do is answer the phone. An online or internet insurance lead consists only of a name and phone number of someone who may be interested in insurance. Upon receiving this lead, the agent must initiate contact and hope that the lead is still interested and hasn't already purchased.

2. Your office receives live insurance calls during the hours you are open. When Internet lead companies generate leads, they often send them to insurance agents late at night or on weekends when the agent's office is closed. In insurance calls, there is a live person on the line if you are open and able to quote interested consumers.

3. When you transfer your insurance live, you know what you will receive. Prior to being transferred to an agent's office, insurance shoppers go through a qualification process. Insurance buyers need to validate the type of insurance they are looking for as part of this process. A lead or call from an insurance company agent will be all the agent receives. Since there is no validation process for online auto leads, an agent might receive leads requesting information about a variety of other types of insurance.

4. Agents are able to use recordings of insurance calls or warm transfers to improve the insurance sales process. By monitoring the effectiveness of their sales staff and the quality of their quotes and policies, agents can better manage their business. A lead is just a contact form with information about someone who might want to request an insurance quote online. The agent must then validate a person's intent before he or she can give a quote. If the agent doesn't have their own system, the agent won't be able to record the insurance conversation, and as a result, they won't be able to determine how well their staff did in quoting the insurance lead.

5. A live transfer or insurance call is 100% exclusive. An agent never transfers the call to another agent or actively markets to it again once it is transferred to them. Many internet lead companies sell insurance leads seven or eight times. Afterwards, the insurance agent has to track the person down and hope that the insurance lead hasn't already purchased insurance from another agent. When an insurance call or live transfer is placed, the caller is qualified and interested in receiving a quote. Upon connection, the caller will not be transferred to another agent.


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