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We understand that a large number of insurance agents are interested in a real-time live transfer leads call program. Accordingly, thelivelead has offered you one of the most advanced live transfer appointment services in the industry. They can quickly respond to the leads you receive, allowing you to focus on closing sales instead of reaching out to the leads.

As Wayne Gretzky put it, "I wasn't naturally gifted in terms of size and speed; everything I did in hockey was hard earned."

Insurance agents face similar challenges every day to those faced by Wayne Gretzky. It's hard work to be the first agent to contact a consumer! The Live Connect Concierge System is made available to thelivelead's insurance agents for this reason.

Live ConnBefore transferring medicare supplement live transfers prospects directly to you, Live Connect Concierge System quickly makes the crucial first contact. Your time to network and meet with potential clients allows you to focus on other important aspects of running your agency. LiveLead believes you will be so impressed with the boost in efficiency that you will incorporate AWL's Live Connect Concierge Service into your marketing plan.

The Live Connect Concierge Service can help you become an insurance sales superstar. They're so confident that their Live Connect Concierge Service will enhance your business that they won't require any upfront deposits, pre-payments, or contracts.

Why should you sign up for thelivelead Connect Concierge Service?

Get 500% more contacts...

You must contact your prospects as soon as possible to ensure the best chance of closing the sale. The Live Connect Conceirge System has been designed for agents and agencies of all sizes to contact leads as soon as possible after they are received.

The livelead's high quality network of informational websites allows Medicare-eligible prospects to request quotes. Operators based out of their United States call center will then validate and verify their interest in actually speaking with an agent. Upon confirming intent, the prospect is transferred directly to your agency, where your team can close the deal.


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