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There is a new kid on the block when it comes to live transfer tax leads. Radio, Television, and the internet have always been the backbone of tax aged leads. As financial services marketing evolved, large call centers began to buy data and aged internet leads in order to deliver inbound calls that were prequalified and delivered in real time.

After the development of live transfers, people found them to be extremely valuable as an older product not too long after they were created. Good scripting and relationship building are essential when transferring live tax leads. Otherwise, transfers can be awkward and opportunities may be missed. Any time a new lead buyer makes a mistake, aged live transfer tax lead buyers score. The opportunities for aged live transfer tax leads are endless.

For tax firms with sales staff or business models that work better with warm inbound calls, Tax Settelment Live Transfers leads are the premier solution. We understand that you do not want your closers to chase leads for weeks or months that need to be chased for weeks or months. Too many firms and specialists have been burned by internet leads.

Our live transfer tax debt leads were specifically designed to solve the biggest problems companies like yours face when converting leads into customers. Your closers are free to focus on what they do best: close deals.

Tax Settlement Live Transfers with Specific Criteria

All you need to do is tell us how many quality tax settlement leads you would like. Based on your demographics and specific criteria, we prequalify prospects. Whenever customers who meet your criteria contact our inbound call center, we transfer them directly to your sales team for closure.

Get all the Tax Settlement Pay Per Call Leads you need

Now is the time to start buying tax settlement leads, because the Tax Man is relentless in collecting his debts.

Throughout tax season, many taxpayers will hear the kind of bad news that will keep them up for weeks. They won't be heading to Disney with a big, fat refund check. They don't owe.

Then they'll panic. They might even cry on their tax preparer's shoulder.

Some of those friends will commiserate. Some will offer terrible advice. Another will say, "I heard that the IRS can sometimes take less than what you owe.". It's called a tax settlement. It is possible to get help from people out there. ”

It is then that they will look for you - and that is when you will be glad you bought those IRS tax leads. Working with a tax lead provider who can send you all the inbound calls you can handle will allow you to speak with people who need assistance making an Offer in Compromise with the IRS to get out from under a financial burden that has them feeling helpless and hopeless


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