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A live call with 100% exclusive internet generated final expense insurance leads.

  • Online quotes for final expense insurance / burial insurance were requested by 100% of prospects.
  • The data is generated by consumers looking for a final expense quote online. From our ads/landing pages, they call you directly.
  • You can ask us any additional questions to prequalify the lead.
  • If you prefer, we can post the leads into the CRM of your choice.
  • It is expected that the closing rate will be at least 25% or much higher.
  • We validated data through our lead management system and call center.
  • You can manage your leads free of charge with our CRM.
  • You will never be charged for a lead with a bad name or false contact information.
  • Internet-generated leads that are TCPA compliant.
  • Website rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. There have been no complaints.

Leads that Final Expense Live Transfers deals. Engage prospects in live conversations. Do not chase cold internet leads or cold call. Industry's highest closing rate for final expense leads. Agents/Brokers can buy final expense leads. Online generated leads for final expense prospects - Pre-set appointments and live calls.

When it comes to buying Final Expense Live Transfers leads, do you have any experience with...

Prospects who do not qualify for the lead?

Are there any leads where the phone number or email address is not working?

Does the prospect no longer want to learn more or receive quotes?

Leads where the person does not understand what you're saying or why you're calling?

Have they already spoken to many other brokers before you get in touch with them?

-Leads that aren't suitable for final expenses?

Cold-called leads that clearly weren't generated online?

-Leads who don't have time to talk to you?

What is your experience with lead vendors...

How do you handle vendors that refuse to accept returns or give you a hard time?

-Lead vendors that require large upfront sums to sign up?

-Lead vendors that require a contract to be signed for long period of time?

-Lead vendors that sell the lead shared to many other licensed final expense agents?

-Lead vendors that don’t accept credit cards for your orders?

-Lead vendors that are licensed and compete against you?

-Lead vendors that are a scam?

Exclusive Internet Generated Final Expense Live Transfers Leads & Live Transfers That Call You!

We never chase your potential clients. Interested consumers come to us looking for free information and a quote.

They come to our websites ready to learn more about different final expense programs and to receive quotes.

All Web Referrals owns and operates hundreds of final expense websites that consistently generate warm-fresh online final expense leads. Since we own our websites and have our own team of internet marketers we are able to generate the highest quality leads from search.

The Web Referrals Final Expense Live Transfers leads will make you more efficient while enabling you to close higher premium deals through our live transfer program.

In order to rank our websites in the major search engines, we have invested both dollars and time. Despite being a relatively new company, we have decades of experience generating financial services leads.


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