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Merchant Cash Advance is a flexible and fast business loan in the Modern Financing Industry. For marketing this type of loan service, lenders follow different types of marketing methods like Email Marketing, Electronic Media Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing, and VoiceMail Broadcasting. MCA Live Transfers Leads have been the most successful marketing method for most lenders among all of these. Due to the nature of its lead generation, Live Transfer Leads are called that way. It is considered a MCA Live Transfers Lead when the lead generation company qualifies a merchant in accordance with the Qualifying Criteria of Cash Advance and transfers the merchant as a live call to a lender with the merchant's consent. The lenders will be contacted by merchants who are already qualified and ready to apply so they can get funded right away.

MCA Live Transfers Leads: How Do They Work?

Live Transfer Leads are easy to acquire. Lead generation executives follow up all day long with merchants and qualify them based on the criteria for getting a Merchant Cash Advance. After qualifying and filling out an application form, the callers or Executives transfer the call to the lenders who verify or double check the merchant's qualifications and walk them through the application process. In a 3-way conference call, the Lead Generation Executive will introduce the merchant to the lenders and provide some information about the merchant. To ensure the merchant's qualification is good, the lender takes over the call from them and double checks the merchant's qualification again.

Merchants that qualify

Cold calling or following up with Web-In Funding Requests to qualify merchants. Throughout the day, we call these merchants to follow up on their business loans or to see if they are looking for any cash advances or business loans. The following criteria must be met in order to qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance.

Making a transfer of a call

Upon qualification, we transfer the call over to the lender/client via a three-way conference call. They double check the Merchants Qualifications once more to make sure they are qualified. After the lender/client considers the MC lead as a good lead, they move forward with the lead to get the Merchant Funded as quickly as possible. Basically, a credit application is sent out to the Merchant.

Lead information via email

The lead is emailed to the Lender or Closer as soon as it is considered a qualified MCA Live Transfers Lead, along with all of the Merchant's information, including the Merchant's Name, Business Name, Phone Number, Alternative Number, Email Address, Fax, Business Address, Looking Amount, Bank Deposit, Credit Score, Credit Card Sales Volume, Status of Current Outstanding.

Live Transfer Leads Qualifying Criteria for MCA

Throughout the day, our highly skilled and experienced Lead Generation Executives generate and qualify Merchant Cash Advance Leads to meet the following criteria:

  • Owners of all businesses
  • A monthly bank deposit of over $15,000
  • With more than a year of experience in business
  • Bankruptcy, tax liens, or judgments are not open
  • TCPA & DNC Compliant
  • I need money as soon as possible (maximum 30 days)

If the Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfer Leads do not meet the above criteria, you will not be charged.


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