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Can you describe what live transfer leads are, and how do they differ from regular insurance internet leads? Can you explain why they are more expensive and how they work? We'll always come back to this little fact: Live transfer insurance leads convert to sales 10 times better than website clicks. For many reasons, live transfers are far more valuable than traditional insurance leads. Let's explain how live transfer calls work, and we'll show you why these kinds of leads are so valuable and costly.

How Do Live Transfers Work?
The process is rather straightforward. By utilizing organic marketing strategies and paid advertisements that link back to a form that prospects can fill out, SmartFinancial effectively generates interest in their websites.

Your lead vendor should market content that is relevant to your marketing plan. It should also be of the highest quality. It is important for a lead generation company to create content that is designed to attract and bait customers or to attract a target audience that is ideal for the type of insurance you are selling.

The presence of an insurance agent on the internet is essential, and buying leads is not an option. You should buy live transfers unless you're willing to spend hours on social media every day.

Where Do I Get the Transfers?
In the web pages, the prospect enters their zip code, then comes to the form, which asks dozens of questions that help generate insurance quotes, which should be fairly accurate if the prospect answers the questions honestly and accurately.

After a prospect has read over the privacy policy and given detailed information, a representative from SmartFinancial calls to speak with them. The SmartFinancial call center representative may place the caller on hold for a brief time and then contact the insurance agent that has signed up to receive live transfer insurance leads during those hours if the person on the phone seems genuinely interested in getting a more accurate quote (and perhaps purchasing insurance).

Call center representatives transfer calls to insurance agents for closing if they are readily available. Customers are more likely to close if contact rates are high.


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