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There are 30 percent of new insurance agents who go out of business within a year, and 55 percent make less than $40,000. Why? Because their sales methods are ineffective.

To increase Life Insurance Live Transfers, your insurance company can do the following:

1. Direct marketing.

Historically, insurance companies, carriers, and agents have used direct marketing to generate leads. Cold calling, bus bench ads, newspapers, and direct mail are some of the direct marketing methods that have some impact on leads. Taking these steps takes time, but they build a loyal customer base over time.

2. Social networking.

Having a consistent presence through online groups, platforms, and networks is an important marketing tool.

3. Pre-qualified leads.

By using Life Insurance Live Transfers agents can reach this consumer audience with pre-qualified leads. It is proven that these services increase closing percentages by simplifying the process of gathering valuable information about consumers shopping for insurance online.

Invest in pre qualified leads to save valuable time spent knocking on doors, and reach out to your target audience with creative promotions and campaigns to increase insurance leads.

Commercial Mortgage Leads: How Live Transfer Can Help

For your commercial mortgage company, how much time do you and your employees spend searching for qualified leads every day? If you only had qualified buyers, you could spend precious hours closing loans instead of learning new social media marketing techniques and incorporating old sales strategies like cold calling. Live Transfer is the service that can make all the difference in your business and your bottom line if this is all too familiar to you.

The liveleads is a commercial mortgage lead generation company that uses websites and other methods of attracting qualified commercial mortgage leads. It is their specialty to generate massive leads of ready-to-buy borrowers who are perfect for your business. What makes The liveleads different from any other lead generation company is that they have the ability to transfer live leads directly to your mortgage company just at the time they are in need of your services. If you had a never-ending source of commercial mortgage customers, you could grow your business. How many more loans could you close if you could spend your time working on these amazing leads instead of spending the majority of your time trying to find qualified buyers?


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