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In order to make a sale as a Life Insurance Live Transfers agent, you need high-quality leads. No matter how much you know about insurance, you still need high-quality leads. Even if you're a naturally gifted salesperson who knows how to connect with people and win their trust, you still won't get anywhere unless you're meeting new prospects regularly.

Agents often wonder how to get quality Life Insurance Live Transfers leads and where to find them. It's a crowded business, so every lead must be competed for with a mob of other agents.

There are many ways to generate insurance leads out there, and we've looked at all of them for you. Don't worry if you're looking for a new solution to get insurance leads. We'll let you know which methods work best and which ones aren't.

Working for a company that generates its own insurance leads

Insurers give their agents a steady stream of leads. After all, handing out good leads to agents should result in a rapid conversion rate, which should result in a win-win for everyone. They do this on the theory that it'll boost the productivity of their agents.

When you are a new agent, you might not fully trust your ability to generate good leads, so working with a larger company can be an attractive option.

With warm-up, qualified leads flowing regularly into your business, you can stop hunting for prospects and focus on what you do best - connecting with people, answering their questions, and matching them to the best plan.

Working for a company has its pitfalls

In spite of this, there are some downsides to this setup. Make sure the leads you receive are truly fresh and valuable before signing up with a company that promises a steady flow of leads. Often, companies give out the same, old leads to all the new agents they hire, so it's understandable that your prospects aren't responding when you call.

If you are new to the job and still developing your sales skills, some companies will also reduce agents' commissions in exchange for providing leads. You might be able to make sense of that trade-off if you are a new agent. However, if you are an experienced Life Insurance Live Transfers agent, you may prefer to be paid a larger commission for generating your own leads.

You can generate your own leads and conduct your own marketing

In order to generate your own Life Insurance Live Transfers leads, you'll need a well-planned marketing strategy that includes both digital and traditional methods.


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