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The Modern Financing Industry offers Merchant Cash Advances, which are flexible and fast business loans. Lenders market this type of loan service using a variety of marketing methods, such as Email Marketing, Electronic Media Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing, VoiceMail Broadcasting, etc. Most lenders have found the most success with MCA Live Transfer Leads out of all these marketing methods. The reason it's called Live Transfer Leads is that it generates leads live. Leads considered as MCA Live Transfer Leads are obtained when a lead generation company qualifies a merchant according to the Qualifying Criteria of Cash Advance and transfers the merchant to a lender with the merchant's consent. Lenders will be receiving calls from merchants who have already qualified and are ready to fill out the application form.

What are the benefits of MCA Live Transfer Leads?

There is no complicated process involved in the Live Transfer Leads. All day long, lead generation executives follow up on merchants and qualify them according to the requirements of a Merchant Cash Advance live transfers. The callers or executives will transfer the call over to the lenders to verify or double check the merchant's qualifications and walk them through the application process once they are qualified. In a 3-way conference call, the Lead Generation Executive will introduce the Merchant to the Lenders and give them a brief overview of the merchant. To make sure the lead is good, the lender takes over the call and checks the merchant's qualifications again.


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