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Your potential clients will never be chased by us. We offer free information and quotes to interested consumers.

Our websites cater to those interested in learning more about life insurance programs and receiving quotes. operates hundreds of life insurance live transfers websites that generate warm, fresh life insurance leads. Having our own websites and internet marketers allows us to generate high-quality leads from search engines.

Through our live transfer program, you will be able to close higher premium deals by using life insurance leads.

To rank our websites in the major search engines, we have invested both time and dollars. Although our company is relatively new, our internet marketers and management team have decades of experience generating leads for financial services companies.

How are your leads generated by your lead provider?

Our lead channels are very transparent, and we never use incentives to generate leads.

Go to any top search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and search for popular life insurance terms, we're there. Search-generated life insurance referrals close better than display marketing and social networks. As a result of your efficiency and the value of your time, the closing rate matters. You may not see our landing pages or webpages because we target based on demographics, locations, and other factors based on where our lead buyers are located in the US.

We place a high value on intent and action. If consumers look for quotes/rates or do a search on a search engine, we only want them to see our ads or ranking when they have the intent (searching for quotes/rates). Other forms of marketing are interruptions and annoyances, so we don't invest in them. Our quality control screening eliminates all bad/junk leads with no interest, money, or both after receiving the leads. Consumers who are qualified, interested, and ready for a quote will be contacted live.


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