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Leads for Live Transfer Debt SettlementWhen interested debt holders respond to our marketing campaigns and calls, they are instructed to contact a qualifying agent for a quick pre-screening process before they can be put directly in contact with a debt counsellor, such as you. Our call – agents will talk to the debt holder through the pre-screening process. Our agents ask pertinent yet specific questions to ensure that the debt settlement leads we generate are highly qualified.

You can access all of your leads from anywhere by using our Live Transfer process, which sends only qualified debt prospects to you exclusively. You will then receive instantaneously the lead application details through our secure client website. You can view your leads at any time by logging in with your ID and password so that you can track your live transfer campaign successfully.

These exclusive debt settlement leads will yield a minimum debt amount of $10,000. With no competition and no clients eagerly waiting for your assistance, these exclusive debt consolidation leads will yield a minimum debt amount of $10,000.

With our Live Transfer Process, our customers are experiencing 15-30%+ closing rates, with 100% debt holder contact ratios and no cold-calling involved.

If you work in the Debt Settlement Live Transfers industry, this challenge is even greater, as it is a challenging and competitive industry. Finding leads is an extremely challenging task. It is often difficult to determine if your prospective clients qualify, who may be interested, and whether the FHA loan is even relevant to their needs most of the time. You're left with nothing but wasted time and frustration - unless, of course, you try theliveleads, a system where our leads call you, effectively making them yours


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