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When interested debt holders contact us via marketing campaigns or phone calls, they must first speak to a qualifying agent for a quick pre-screening process prior to being contacted by a debt counselor like you. Our call agents will ask the debt holder a series of questions as part of the pre-screening process. Debt Settlement Live Transfers leads we generate are extremely qualified thanks to the pertinent and specific questions our agents ask.

In order to ensure that you can access your debt prospects from anywhere, we send only qualified debt prospects exclusively to you via Live Transfer. Upon receiving the lead application details, you will receive them instantly through our secure client website. Your leads can be viewed anytime using your ID and password, so you can track your live transfer campaign effectively.

Live debt settlement transfers are available only to you as exclusive leads. These exclusive debt consolidation leads will yield a minimum debt amount of $10,000, because there is no competition and potential clients are eager to work with you.

No cold-calling is ever involved in our Live Transfer customers' debt holder contact ratios. Our successful Live Transfer Process results in 15-30%+ closing rates for our clients.

Debt Settlement Live Transfers

The Debt Settlement Live Transfers and Debt Consolidation industries are two of the most important sectors in today's economy. Credit scores, financial stability, and peace of mind can all be compromised by unsecure debts - your services could be just what someone needs. When pre-qualifying debt leads, we take that into account. We produce debt live transfers only when key filters, such as the amount and age of the debt, are met. As a result of our industry-leading lead filtering, we're able to save your sales team both time and money on debt leads.

Businesses can't afford to waste money sifting through unqualified leads, which is why we offer Debt Settlement Live Transfers. The process of chasing down debt relief leads is tedious - most leads aren't interested or don't understand the value. Leads from have a 100% contact rate because our agents qualify them before they are handed to you. As each lead is interested in your services and wants to hear from you, conversion rates increase and ROI spend per lead decreases. 


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