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Know more about Blind Transfers

Blind transfer means that you transfer the caller or caller to another agent or caller group without even speaking to the new agent. When this route is selected, the agent you choose to redistribute the call will receive the ringing of the phone on their side. You can accept or abandon the transfer. When the call is accepted, it will disappear from your side.


Blind Transfers vs. Consultative Transfers

Blind Transfers allows a user or agent to transfer a call to another person or agent to whom they need to transfer the call, without even having to talk to the person who is talking. This person answers the call directly on the phone, and he can answer or refuse to answer the call. In the case of negotiated transfer, users can talk to the person they want to transfer the call to before the call transfer is completed. However, the mobile phone is set to blind transfer by default.


Difference between Blind and Attended Transfer

Blind transfer instantly transfers the call to the endpoint that provided the call. Manned transfers connect to the sending endpoint first. You can be sure to respond to or forward the information provided by that person.


What’s a Cold Transfer?

When a cold transfer is transferred to you, there is no information on who you are or why they are calling. If your business tends to receive a lot of sales or telemarketing calls, cold transfers won't do your business any good.


Warm Transferring

A warm transfer works best when the receptionist answers the call. They allow for improved phone lookups and employees are more efficient on calls. They get the necessary background information before answering the phone.

Some businesses have receptionists who notify employees via instant messaging that they have a phone call. Some receptionists walk to their desks to inform them. Another person can answer the call directly from the receptionist. The receptionist will explain and notify the intent of the call and the caller.


How to Make Cold or Blind Transfer Calls

Cold or blind call transfer allows you to quickly assign a call to another person on another line, even if you haven't talked to them first.

During a real-time call, press and hold the Transfer or Trans key. This will keep the call on hold. Then enter the phone number or extension number (if you have many different connections in the same place), where the call must reach. Similarly, you can select the line soft key that displays existing contacts on the calling device. And, When the call is forwarded, you hear the other party's line ringing, and you must press the send button to complete the call forwarding.

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